Here are some random photos of pheasant, grouse, duck, deer and elk hunting*:

Emily and Henry with Henry’s first bird! October 2008.

More pheasant hunting pictures can be found here.

Pheasant hunting with Wally, Todd, Ahri, Emily, John and I.

More pheasant and duck hunting pictures from December 12, 2009 can be found here.

Kyle, Bryan, Todd and I.

Todd, Emily and I.

Kellen, my Grandpa Walt, Uncle Albert, Mel and Dann. Montana.

Hunting camp outside of Dillon.

My dad and I.

Telling stories around the campfire.

More photos from a different elk hunting trip in Dillon can be seen here.

Emily duck hunting near Dillon, Montana.

Grouse hunting in Eastern Montana.

My grandfather Walt, great uncle Albert and I in Terry, Montana.

Emily's elk

Emily’s first elk.

My dad and I putting the deer into the cooler. 

Emily and I.


Emily and I shooting traps.

Emily setting up her wall tent near Dillon.

Emily with her buck.

*My friends, family and I eat everything that we hunt. I enjoy being outside with Mother Nature just as much as I enjoy shooting something. I strongly believe in responsible and sustainable hunting practices.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Montana here are a few tidbits of information: Montana is the fourth largest state in the U.S. behind Alaska, Texas and California. Montana ranks 44th in population, with less than 1 million inhabitants, and has the 3rd lowest population density in the United States. In other words, there is enough open space to safely hunt where I grew up.

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