Bozeman, MT

Here are some random thoughts and photos from my stay in Bozeman while attending Montana State University (1997-2002).

BozemanThis photo is taken somewhere near Bridger Bowl.  On one of my last days in Bozeman before I moved, I drove around in my VW Bug and took a bunch of photos.  This is one of them.

GrueziI have at least one really good story involving my bug and skiing at Bridger in 2000.  Let’s just say it involved three friends, great snow, a trip to the ER and the Super Bowl.  And no, I wasn’t the one that had to go to the hospital.

BeartrapMadison.  Beartrap.  ‘Nuf said.

PlonkPlonk is one of my favorite places to get a drink and relax in Bozeman.  I typically go for a Malbec, but a nicely chilled white wine on a hot summer’s day can’t be beat.  The assorted cheese trays go really nice with their wines, although I do believe they could choose more Swiss cheeses to serve on their menu.  Then again, I am biased.

Tele testThis day was awesome!  Eric and Cort drove up from Logan, UT, where they were working at Beaver Mountain, to ski with me at Bridger Bowl.  I was just finishing my telemark ski class through MSU (spring semester 1998) and wanted to purchase a pair of skis.  The three of us each rented a different pair of skis to demo and spent the entire day switching skis and laughing all the way down the mountain.  Oh yea, and Eric had hurt his shoulder while skiing at the ‘Beav, and so Cort duct taped his arm across his chest.  Eric forgot that he had already put on his lift ticket, and so we spent a considerable amount of time freeing the ticket from the duct tape.  In the end, I purchased the Atomic skis and loved them.

10th and Koch10th and Koch.  Man, loved that place (2001-2002).

Freshman OrientationThis is a photo from freshman orientation at Montana State University during the summer of 1999.  We had such a great time staying in South Hedges, getting very little sleep and leading our little lost sheep freshman across campus.

WCWDuring the summer of 2000, three friends and I attended WCW Thunder at the Brick Breeden Field House at MSU.  I got to see two of my favorite wrestlers: Goldberg and Kevin Nash.  In fact, I had made a sign about Nash and almost got run over by him in his giant SUV when I jumped out in front of him in the parking lot to show him my sign.  We had front row seats that were opposite the main camera, and so during the broadcast on television that week we could be seen the entire time.  It’s just too bad that security had confiscated my “I am Wasted” sign before the main even started…

Hapner FormalHapner Formal freshman year.  Yes, this is what I wore.

North HedgesI was a resident advisor on the 10th floor of North Hedges (1998-1999).  10th floor was co-ed at that time and the other RA and I had a lot of fun with our residents.

SacajaweaThis photo is from an outing with friends and my residents from North Hedges during fall semester of 1998 to Sacajawea Peak in the Bridger Mountains.

Gruezi snowSome friends thought it would be funny to completely cover my bug in snow.  It was.

The KissJessica and I in 2004 at my brother’s apt. in Bozeman.

Stockyard CafeStockyard Cafe 2The Stockyard Cafe in Bozeman was awesome!  I was first introduced to the Stockyard in 1998 by the RD at North Hedges.  She was good friends with the owner, Bean, and had even worked at the Stockyard off and on.  There was no menu at the Stockyard, but rather random pieces of paper with cute drawings on them hung from the wall.  Coffee was a staple at the Stockyard, and due to their philosphy (not exactly sure what it was, though), you usually stirred your coffee with either a knife or a fork.  My original go-to staple was the banana bread french toast.  What could I possibly say about such a dish?  It sorta speaks for itself, doesn’t it.  Soon I took cues from my friend Josh and started ordering “The Basic” (eggs+toast+homefries).  Of course, I would usually substitute the toast for the coffeecake.  It was to die for!  I believe the Stockyard is still open today, but with new owners.  To get most of Bean’s famous dishes, you can visit her Cateye Cafe in Bozeman.  PS.  Thanks for the pictures Kristen!

Mullan HallWe got spirit.  Yes we do.  We got spirit, how about you?  Mullan Hall freshman year.

The Bite of BozemanSweet Pea Festival.  The Bite of Bozeman.  Hoo-wah!

Olympics2002 Winter Olympic Torch in Bozeman.

Beehive BasinJessica and I at Beehive Basin in the summer of 2005.  This is a great little hike not too far from Big Sky.  There were a lot of fish in the water (pond? lake?) when we were there, and I spent most of my time catching grasshoppers and feeding them to the fish.  Much to the dismay of the people trying to fish…

Gruezi MadisonWarm weather+tubes+Madison River=tons ‘o fun!

La ParillaLa Parilla!  Thanks for the picture, Emily.

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