Steelhead. Part deux.

My co-workers Ben, Collin and I ventured up to Milwaukee for a little steelhead fly fishing getaway this week.  The three of us fished together on Monday and then Collin and I fished on Tuesday.

Monday was sunny and beautiful, but really cold.  The temperature was definitely hovering around freezing when we first hit the Milwaukee River.

Collin and Ben gearing-up.

Collin fishing the Milwaukee River.

Collin and I each caught a sucker fish on the Milwaukee River and Ben had a fish on but it broke off before he could land it.

Cold, but having fun.



The second day of fishing was a lot warmer.  We fished two different spots on the Milwaukee River and then stopped at the Root River in Racine on the way back to Chicago.


The one that got away...

I hooked into an amazing fish on the Milwaukee River only to have the line break as we tried to land him along the shore.  The thrill of watching the fish take off down river after he was hooked and hearing the line whizzing out of my reel has me totally hooked on steelhead fishing.  I hope to get back on the water soon, very soon.

~ by snyelmn on April 2, 2010.

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