Fly fishing on the Clark Fork River in Montana.

My sister Emily and I (and our dogs Henry and Juli) floated and fished a stretch of the Clark Fork River in Montana (near Ferry’s Landing) on March 6, 2010.

I had never fished out of a drift boat before and Juli had never been in a boat.  Emily and I were a little nervous about how Juli would react to being in a boat, but she quickly took cues from Henry as to how to sit in the sun and soak-up some rays.

Emily did an awesome job rowing the boat.  I tried my hand at the oars for a little bit while Emily fished, but we both got so sick from going in circles that I gladly let her row.

I was fishing with a rod that Emily had made.  She bought the blank from Pacific Bay.  It’s a 10′ 8 weight and it’s sweet.

I caught (and released) two beautiful Cutthroat trout.

Montana+bluebird skies+little sister+two dogs+boat+fly fishing=awesome!

Group shot.

"No, Henry. You can't eat the fish."

Something's fishy here.



Emily and Henry.

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