East Gallatin and Gallatin Rivers.

On my last day in Montana (March 12, 2010) I went fishing with my brother and sister, Todd and Emily.

We fished the East Gallatin River in the morning and then went to the Gallatin River in the afternoon.

It was a beautiful day in the Gallatin Valley and we had a ton of fun:  nobody fell in the water and we even caught some fish.  We topped off an awesome day with La Parilla burritos for dinner.

Emily on the East Gallatin.



Todd. East Gallatin. Bridger Mountains.

Emily-changing things up.

The one that got away.

Todd fishing on the Gallatin River.


Catch & Release.

Emily and Todd fished the Gallatin River the next day, March 13, 2010, and braved the rain/snow/sleet to catch some nice fish:


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