Family visit to Milwaukee and Chicago!

My mom and brothers came to Milwaukee and to Chicago to visit my brother and I.

While in Milwaukee we rented a bike/cart thingy and peddled along the lakefront; played tennis and racquetball; had a bbq and got Blizzards at Dairy Queen.  (I realize that Blizzards aren’t very exotic, but after 3 years of no DQ in Ithaca, I totally crave them.)

We went to the top of the Sears Tower and the Skydeck in Chicago.  We got to check out the newly opened “The Ledge”.  It is super cool!

We took a water taxi from near the Sears Tower to Michigan Avenue, and visited “the bean” and ate deep dish pizza from Gino’s East.

All in all it was a wonderful visit.

Here are a few photos from their trip:

~ by snyelmn on July 13, 2009.

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