Teenager Ausser Kontrolle Staffel 2 Episode 4 Teil 2.

You can find the videos here.

A brief synopsis:

-Andreas claims that he tried his hardest to meet the 15 minute deadline, but I explain to the camera that that is not true.

-I tell Vivien the same thing that we told Andreas: 15 minutes to be completely packed and ready to hike.  I then tell Vivien she needs to hurry up.

-Marlies explains that Andreas did not follow our instructions.  He is then told to unpack his camp (in 15 minutes), re-pack his camp (in 15 minutes) and then re-unpack his camp (in 15 minutes).

-Andreas says he will follow our instructions.  He is able to unpack (in 9 minutes), re-pack (in 7 minutes) and re-unpack in (7 minutes).  Obviously his inability to pack his camp the first time (in 15 minutes) was a deliberate sign of defiance.

-We then collected all of Andreas’ belongings (except his underwear).  We wanted to be absolutely sure that he would not leave his tent.

-After 3 days we gather the students from their solo sites and celebrate their accomplishments.  All students participate in the ceremony except Vivien and Andreas (due to “breaking solo”).

-The students tell the camera (in private) that they are excited and nervous about the parent-family meeting.

-Due to various circumstances, certain parents are not able to attend the parent-family meeting.  Dzeneta, Andreas, Vivien and Kurt will not be seeing their parents.

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