Teenager Ausser Kontrolle Staffel 2 Episode 4 Teil 1.

You can find the video here.

A brief synopsis of this episode:

-After more than two weeks of hiking, the teenagers arrive at Mount Juniper to begin their solos.

-Dan and I lead each teenager individually to their solo sites.  The sites were chosen specifically for each student.  The solo lasts three days.

-As we did during the trek, we collected the headlamps and the shoes from the teenagers (to reduce the risk of them visiting one another or running away).  We marked a circle around their tents that were 15 paces in diameter and the students were told not to leave this circle.  We set-up a mailbox (a cloth sack hung from a nearby tree) and told the students to mark on a piece of paper twice a day (morning and night) that they were okay.  They could also inform us if they needed more fuel, water, etc.  The mailboxes were situated so that the counselors could check them twice a day without the students seeing them.

-As I say goodbye to David he whispers that he is scared.

-Pascal is the first student that I check on.  I am a bit worried as I approach his tent, as he had told the group during the solo meeting that he was scared of the solo, but I am relieved to see and read in his note that he is okay.

-David is the second teenager that I check on.  He writes that he is okay, but since I had seen him without his shirt on sunbathing, I write him a note that says that that is not allowed and that if he continues to do this, his solo will last longer.  We had worried that David might try to visit the other teenagers, but as far as we could tell, he did not.

-David warns his friends and the audience to stop using drugs otherwise their parents could sign them up for this camp.

-During a check-up on Andreas, a fellow staff member watches as Andreas tries to signal a passing four-wheeler.  When approached by the staff member, who only spoke English, Andreas tries to say that he wandered away from his tent (which is not allowed) and got lost (his tent was clearly visible from the site of the infraction).

-As I approach Vivien’s tent, I see that she has left her circle and is sitting on a rock watching Andreas (unfortunately, the two sites were visible to each other once the students ventured a short distance outside their circles).  I tell her that she will receive a consequence for this, but as I was the only staff member present at the time, that I will have to discuss the situation with the rest of the team.  Vivien states that she was surprised to see me (ie. she didn’t expect to get caught).

-I explain to Marlies the situation with Andreas and Vivien.

-Andreas is given 15 minutes to completely pack-up his belongings and get ready to hike.  He starts to pack his things, yet overtly tries to do this as slow as possible, including taking a drink of water as the remaining seconds tick away.

-He doesn’t meet the 15 minute deadline, and is told to completely unpack his belongings and crawl into this sleeping bag (just as if he were actually going to bed) in 15 minutes.

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