Teenager Ausser Kontrolle Staffel 2 Episode 3

You can find the video here.

A brief synopsis of this episode:

-Kami introduces Lina to the group.

-I explain the importance of Dzeneta being sent on a quest, and how the group no longer has a scapegoat and needs to focus more on themselves.

-I read to Kurt the “impact letter” that his parents sent.  His dad reminds him how the three of them (Kurt, his father and stepmother) are like the 3 Musketeers and how they promised each other to stick together no matter what the situation is.  He then tells Kurt that he doesn’t want to lose everything that he has achieved in life due to Kurt’s actions and involvement in the Neo-Nazi scene.  He closes the letter by saying that from this point on he is going to concentrate on his life with his wife Anke, because all Kurt is trying to do is destroy their lives.

-I help lead the quest with Dzeneta as Marlies has to leave.

-Dzeneta has a monster blister on her foot.  Tanya does minor surger with a safety pin and a Swiss Army knife.

-I comment on how much progress Dzeneta has made.  She has become a completely different person during the quest.

-The group meets Dzeneta with mixed emotions.  They are unsure about whether or not she has really changed.

-The narrator states that the teenagers are close to the end of the trek (phase 1).

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