Teenager Ausser Kontrolle Staffel 2 Episode 2

You can find the video here.

Here is a brief synopsis of this episode:

-The teenagers had to demonstrate that they could successfully light their own cook stoves.  This involved, among other things, ensuring that the area surrounding their stoves was clear of any debris (because of the extreme fire danger).  Vivien was able to demonstrate the proper stove etiquette, and therefore was able to keep the striker in her possession.

-A cold and wet weather front moved in during the first week of our expedition.  We were camped in a dried-up cattle pond and the rain turned the soil into the nastiest, stickiest gumbo I have ever seen.  It was miserable.  Since we needed to re-ration our supplies, we decided to spend two nights at this site.  The campfire was much appreciated.

-During a small group, Kevin shares about his troubled relationship with his brother.  He kept saying that he was homesick, but I believed that there was a much larger issue at hand.

-The staff decided to separate Dzeneta from the rest of the group and to place her on a “quest”.

~ by snyelmn on January 29, 2009.

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