“Teenager Ausser Kontrolle” Staffel 2 Episode 1

You can find the video here.

Here is a brief synopsis of this episode:

-The German teenagers arrive at the airport in Portland, Oregon, and we drive them to the Catherine Freer office in Albany, Oregon.

-The teenagers are searched for weapons, drugs, etc., and are given appropriate clothing.

-I had a difficult time convincing Andreas to give me a lone cigarette that he had hid in a package of kleenex.  After telling him that nobody would be smoking and that if he didn’t voluntarily give up the cigarette that we would forcibly take it from him, he cooperated.

-Kurt was unwilling to give up a necklace that his girlfriend had given him.  Catherine Freer’s policy is that students must remove all jewelry and piercings before starting the program.  There are numerous reasons for this.  I tried to explain to Kurt that his girlfriend would be more impressed with him if he were to successfully complete the program as opposed to hanging onto a necklace, but he wouldn’t budge on the issue.

-After a very long drive from Albany to an extremely remote area in Southeastern Oregon, we arrive early the next morning.  We had assumed that the teenagers would be exhausted from the lengthy journey from Germany, but we could not have been more mistaken.

-Stacy was extremely agitated both during the ride to the dessert and upon being given instructions to set up her camp.  She kept yelling that she was having a panic attack and was scared, yet at the same time, tried to run off into the pitch black darkness of the Oregon dessert.  She threatened to kick me.

-At one point during the first full day in the dessert, David packs up his entire camp and starts to hike down the road.  The entire time he keeps saying that he wants to go home and that he can’t do this (the expedition).  We finally are able to calm him down and convince him to set up his camp.

-A day after we arrived in the dessert and the day before we were to begin the 21-day expedition through the dessert, we gathered all the students and staff together and explained our expectations of them (the students).

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