Here are some photos from Emily and my pheasant hunting outing this morning.

She bought us “good luck donuts” in Ravalli.

If only she had purchased more than two of them…

Emily and I

Emily and I.

Emily and kids

Henry*, Emily and Ralph*.

Ralph and I

Ralph* and I.

(*As you can see, Emily and I had to physically hold onto the dogs for the photos.  They were so excited to find birds that they really didn’t want to sit around for pictures.)


Henry is still learning what this pheasant hunting business is all about.  Amongst all the running around, catching field mice, chasing Ralph and swimming in the creek, he was able to flush this rooster.


What a view.


Emily with our birds.

She shot a rooster that Ralph had flushed out of some really thick brush.  Ralph did a great job finding a bird that was holding really tight, but when it came time to retrieve the bird from the middle of the creek, he decided the water was too cold.

The Boys

Thanks Boys!

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