“Teenager Ausser Kontrolle” Staffel 1 Episodes 5-6

You can find the video here.

Here is a brief synopsis of these episodes:

-Half-way through the therapy program at Turn-About the teenagers are allowed a parent visit.  In order to surprise the teenagers we tell them that they will be doing volunteer work at the local community center in Escalante, where there parents will be waiting for them.

-Most of the parent visit is extremely structured, including team building exercises at a small ropes course at Roundy Camp.  During the trust fall, Gina’s mother inadvertently falls on my head.

-The Turn-About Ranch does a lot of volunteer and community service work.  One of the projects is to do highway clean-up.  Vanessa is named leader for the day and does a surprisingly good job trying to reign-in the other unruly teenagers.

-The last assignment before the students are able to graduate is to complete a solo experience.  This time is designed to give the students an opportunity to both reflect upon everything that they have learned at the program and also to begin thinking about going home.

-Vanessa was unable to get a fire started, although definitely not due to the lack of effort.  After literally trying to make a fire in tandem for at least 30 minutes, we were able to get one started.  I was extremely impressed and proud with how Vanessa handled the situation.

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