“Teenager Ausser Kontrolle” Staffel 1 Episode 4

You can find the video here.

Here is a brief synopsis of this episode:

-All the students are ready to move to the next level in the therapy, which also means moving from Roundy Camp to a brand new facility at The Turn-About Ranch.  Annegret tells Daniel, Simone and Gerrit to follow me.  The initial plan was to have the students walk to their new home (a few miles away), while reflecting upon what they had so far learned during the program.

-I instructed the students to walk single-file a few feet apart from one another down the road.  The instructions were simple and to the point.  Gerrit immediately thinks that the 3 of them are in trouble and demanded to know why they were chosen from the group.  The teenagers had a good idea that they were moving to the next level in the program.  They had also just finished a lengthy ceremony in which we discussed some areas of their behavior and attitudes that they would need to work on.  Gerrit’s actions and his continued inability to follow even the simplest instructions infuriates me.  I send him back to the stone circle.  Simone, Daniel and I hike to the new building.

-Gerrit spends the next few days completely separated from the rest of the group.  He is given assignments encouraging him to think about his behavior.  Finally, he is promoted to the next level of the program and moves into the new facility with the other students.  Needless to say, the other students are anything but happy to see him and with good cause.

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