“Teenager Ausser Kontrolle” Staffel 1 Episodes 1-3

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Viel Spass beim zuschauen!

(Here is a short video montage from the first 3 episodes of “Teenager Ausser Kontrolle” season 1 at the Turn-About Ranch in Escalante, UT.)

Here is a brief synopsis of these three episodes:

-The six German teenagers fly from Germany to Las Vegas, Nevada.  We picked them up at the airport and drove them to Escalante, Utah, to the home of The Turn-About Ranch.

-After searching the teenagers for weapons and drugs and giving them appropriate clothing, we took them into the dessert for the first level of the therapy program.  The students were then required to spend 3 days in a stone circle and to complete written assignments during this time.

-On the second day of the program a series of severe thunderstorms moved through the dessert.  At one point the wind and rain was so strong that we had to interrupt the therapy program and bring the students into the dilapidated cabin that the staff was sleeping in.

-The thunderstorms created flash floods that made the road between our camp and Escalante impassable.  We had neither cell phone reception nor radio contact with the outside world.

-During a routine evening patrol we learned that Daniel’s tent was empty and that voices were coming from Gerrit’s tent.  When I asked Gerrit to open his tent I was completely overwhelmed with the smell of cigarette smoke.  I asked them what the had been smoking and they both denied smoking anything.  Furthermore, they tried to convince me that they had had a piece of smoldering wood in the tent and that they had just thrown the piece of wood back outside right before I had asked them to open the tent.  The mysterious piece of wood was completely cold and was obviously not the source of the smoke.

-The next morning we make Daniel and Gerrit move their camps to new locations.  We also searched high and low for the true source of the smoke, the cigarette.  We weren’t able to find the cigarette, but during a private confessional interview to the night-shot camera, Gerrit shows the cigarette.

-Gerrit continued to be extremely difficult and found every chance possible to argue with me.

-Vanessa and Simone both successfully complete level 1 of the therapy.  We move all the teenagers to the Roundy Camp.

-We took the students on a hike, but due to a previous infraction, Daniel is required to hike at the back of the group and is told not to speak to anyone.

-Immediately upon starting the hike Gerrit and Simone recklessly start jumping onto, off and between large boulders.  Rosa and I tell them to stop because of the risk of injury.  They do not listen, and so we are forced to put them back into the impact (or stone) circles.

-Simone seems to agree with the consequence, but Gerrit does not and has yet another meltdown, completely unable to take responsibility for his actions.  In an assigned journal entry he writes at length about how stupid the staff are and that he would like to stab me.

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