Mackinaw fishing on Flathead Lake

Emily, Dave and I were fishing as part of the Spring 2008 Mack Days.

Normally I catch and release fish while fly fishing on the small streams and on the rivers in Montana, but keeping the mackinaw (lake trout) caught in Flathead Lake actually helps the ecology of the entire lake. Here is an explanation of Mack Days according to the official website: “MACK DAYS helps the ecological balance of Flathead Lake by thinning the mackinaw population –also called lake trout. The event succeeded in it’s first event (2002 Fall) in stimulating the harvest of lake trout and in educating people about the Flathead Lake Fisheries Management Plan. Let’s keep a good thing going. Anglers help manage the lake by harvesting over-abundant lake trout.”

~ by snyelmn on March 15, 2008.

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